Greenery Selection Chart

Greenery Selection Chart

Speciesclick on tree species for photo Needle Retention Aromatic Needle Length Color Needle Sharpness Natural Pine Cones Price
Scotch Pine Excellent Moderate Medium Traditional Dark Green Medium Often Inexpensive
Austrian Pine Excellent Moderate Long Rich Green Medium Sometimes Inexpensive
Alpine Fir Very Good Moderate Medium Blue-Green Soft No Less Expensive
Douglas Fir Very Good Highly Fragrant Short Green Soft No More Expensive
Southwestern White Pine Excellent Moderate Long Lush like a Fur Blue-Green Soft No Less Expensive
Concolor Fir Excellent Highly Fragrant Medium Light Green/Blue Soft No More Expensive

Definition of Characteristics

  • Needle Retention - The banch's ability to retain its needles and color through the Fall/Winter season.

  • Aromatic - While all conifesr (evergreens) are aromatic, the highly fragrant tend to impact you each time you enter the room, filling your room with the smells of Christmas.

  • Needle Length - Describes the length of the needles on the branches which varies and gives each species its own distinctive look.

  • Color - All conifers (evergreens) are green. However, some tend to reflect variations of green and can even be more blue than green.

  • Needle Sharpness - Reflects the comfort and ease of handling and decorating.

  • Natural Pine Cones - Some species have their own natural ornaments of distinctive pine cones.

  • Price - We offer high quality products made of material grown locally by a top tree grower with over 45 years experience. We produce a fresh and longer lasting greenery product making our product prices highly competitive.